“When Jerry Manas writes on leadership, I pay attention.”

- Pat Williams, Senior VP, Orlando Magic


Books by Jerry Manas include the following (visit the sidebar links to explore each book):
Cover The Resource Management and Capacity Planning Handbook (McGraw-Hill, September 2014) is the definitive guide to maximizing limited “people” resources to innovate and grow, and is the first book fully dedicated to resource management and capacity planning.  The book also  introduces the Capacity Quadrant, a model that noted leadership guru and author Judith E. Glaser (Conversational Intelligence) says “will likely end up being the ‘Balanced Scorecard’ of managing organizational capacity.”

Managing the Gray Areas (RMC Publications, January 2008), which brings new perspectives on resolving the most difficult leadership dilemmas, hailed by Pat Williams, Senior VP of the Orlando Magic basketball team, as “a new path for leaders.”

Book-NapoleonNapoleon on Project Management (Nelson Business, April 2006), draws insightful parallels between Napoleon’s strategic brilliance and success in today’s organizational and business worlds. The prestigious Kirkus Reviews called it “the ultimate case study in effective project management.”  The book has been published in eight languages and is frequently cited by management guru Tom Peters.

book-Roman EmpireProject Lessons from the Roman Empire (Multi-Media Publications), released in December 2009, examines lessons in leadership and communication from the rise and fall of Rome.

Book-42 Rules for Creating WE42 Rules for Creating WE (co-author - Superstar Press, August 2009), which Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry, calls “today’s greatest guide for team success.”  The bestselling book, which Jerry contributed 8 chapters to as part of The Creating WE Institute, reached #1 on Amazon in Leadership, Management, Motivation, and Organizational Behavior.

BK00007826Jerry also writes fiction books as J.B. Manas.  His debut sci-fi thriller, with co-author Edward Miller, The Kronos Interference, received a starred review in Kirkus Reviews, who called the book “impressively original” and [a] “tour de force.” Visit the J.B. Manas website for more about Jerry’s fiction.